Blue Trust Loans Overview

Blue Trust Loans is a lender owned by Hummingbird Funds, LLC and is based in Hayward, Wisconsin. We are an experienced lender with over 20 years in the personal loan industry committed to offering the timely solutions people need when they have short-term goals to meet. At Blue Trust Loans, we work with people in various situations and help them obtain the funds they need and make the process as simple possible for you. Our specialty is providing short term installment loans that are fast and easy. You can apply for an installment loan in as little as spending 5 minutes on the website, and it only takes a few minutes to get approved! Just fill out the form on Blue Trust Loans’ secure online application page.

The Process
What makes Blue Trust so great is that the application process is so quick and easy. All you will need is a bit of personal information (name, email, phone, address, and social security number), loan amount, a few details about your pay frequency, source of income, and bank information. After your application is submitted, a representative will contact you to verify your information. On average during business hours, you can expect a call back within 5 minutes of your application and an underwriter will determine the approval or denial of your loan request. When approved, you can easily eSign your loan documents right away. You can have them sent through email or fax. After the approval process and documents are in order, you may get the funds (up to $1250) wired to your bank account as soon as the next business day.

Our approval requirements are made with the borrower in mind. These requirements are set to help you make sure you’re able to handle the terms of the loan. Your payment dates will be scheduled based on the pay dates which you indicated on the website during your application. Most of the installment plans are payable within 6 months. Blue Trust Loans adjusts your payment schedule to your ability to pay. This will help you avoid having to pay penalty late fees for not meeting your due dates.

If you have the ability to make a payment before your due dates or before the lapse of the loan plan, you may do so without penalty. You can also pay more than the minimum payment and it will be deducted from your balance, making your debts smaller and potentially shortening the period you will need to make payments. If you have any issues making a payment, our representatives are here to help you explore your options and remain in good standing.

Safe & Secure Lending For You
All of the loans we give out are secure and adhere to industry standard protocols. Your personal information and loan proceeds are safe and private with Blue Trust Loans. We’ve worked hard to establish a reputation as a leading trustworthy lending company. We have a team of professionals devoted to helping you get the right funds for your goals. Review our services and learn more by contacting us here at Blue Trust to see how we can help you today!